Spring Break Survival Guide

Photo by Fancy.com

Whether you're trekking to the mountains for spring skiing, partying too hard with friends in Mexico, or traveling home to lay on the couch for a week, you gotta get there somehow. Here are a few ways to make your spring break travels (and stay-cations) better. Thanks to our friends at Fancy, you can buy all these things directly on the screen. Yo' welcome.

For the ultra-stealthy, high-rolling booze smuggler, this one's for you: a sunscreen flask. ($11)

Assemble the perfect sandwich for the airplane and don't worry about it getting smushed in your backpack. ($35)

Well said, flask, well said. ($75)

If you're taking a cross-country road trip, good luck. And by good luck, we mean you better kick out the fifth passenger and install one of these babies. It beats stopping at Roadkill Cafe on Route 66 (real place BTW, where creepy things happen.) ($70)

We recommend always leaving the house with one of these. You never know who might sit next to you on a plane. In most cases, it requires a subtle STFU message. ($22)

Humidifiers filled with tap water are for peasants. We need Evian in the air. ($32)

Fill it with water, Franzia, tequila, whatever your heart desires. ($14)

Because no one really ever cleans out their flasks. Just stayin' sanitary. ($15 for 3)

We realize this has nothing to do with food or drinks, but this is the best product in the world and everyone needs to get it. The $19 investment will save you anger, money and tears when your bag is overweight at the airport. Trust us. Get it. ($19)

Because you should always be able to have your waffles, especially when you're cooking over a campfire. ($26)

So you don't have to sacrifice your Starbucks cup. Genius. ($15)

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