Maple Stream Lets You Spray Maple Syrup On Your Pancakes

You spray whipped cream on sundaes – and sometimes on pancakes. So really, there's nothing at all weird about spraying maple syrup on pancakes and waffles, right? It actually sounds pretty fun, and it makes less of a sticky mess, plus allows you to control how much syrup you use. You know, just in case you have will power where sweet, yummy maple syrup is involved in the first place.

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Coombs Family Farm is now selling Maple Stream, and it may be the first sprayable maple syrup ever made. You can watch the syrup spray demonstrated in a YouTube video and also in a tweet.

"Kids love maple, and there's something inherently wholesome about a New England tradition and real sweetener," says Arnold Coombs, who's a seventh-generation sugarmaker. "Parents are wanting convenience, but they also want unrefined sugars and none of the fake stuff."

The 7-ounce can is recyclable, and the syrup contains no flammable propellants, the company said in a press release. Suggested retail price is $7.99.

Some loved the idea. "Okay this is actually like how maple syrup should be packaged from now on," wrote one Twitter user.

Another pointed out a possible problem with the easily accessible syrup. "Great...something else for my kids to spray directly in their mouths," wrote Colleen O'Dea. "First the whipped cream and now this. Make a sprayable waffle and it's an entire meal."

Coombs Family Farm's website touts the benefits of the sweet sprayable stuff. "No mess. No more sticky, stuck-on caps," the site says. "No need to refrigerate. Store it anywhere."

Where to get it? In a press release, Coombs Family Farm says Maple Stream is available nationwide at natural food stores, cooperatives, and grocery chains including Giant, Hannaford, H-E-B, Market Basket, Wakefern and Weis Markets. Or turn to Amazon — a spray can of Maple Stream is available there for under $10. Whether or not you're ready to try spraying your syrup, here's how much breakfast cost the year you were born.