Spotlight on Alsace Wines

The French wine region produces wines unlike anything else in the country

Few wine regions can claim pure expression: Alsace is an exception.

Against the backdrop of the Vosges Mountains, winemakers in this picturesque region are singularly blessed with the purest conditions: ancient soils and grapes, and an extraordinary climate — one of the driest in France. Here, minerality and freshness aren’t just concepts, they are the story of the wines. With 13 distinct terroirs, each yielding their own expression of noble grapes, Alsace has a mosaic of soils unlike anywhere else.

Alsace offers a vast diversity of styles that can please all tastes and complement all tables — from sparkling crémant d’Alsace and racy riesling to easy-going, medium-bodied pinot blanc. Need inspiration for a seasonal pairing? Alsace has a wine for that: pinot gris with earthy mushrooms or gewurztraminer with aromatic pumpkin dishes. No matter what you choose, you’ll find pleasure in all these wines.

A centuries-old heritage of skilled winemaking truly gives the wines of Alsace a taste of place and tradition that you can find in every glass. Every swirl releases floral and mineral aromas; every sip reveals fresh and vibrant fruit. That's the pure expression of Alsace. 

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