Spotify's Thanksgiving Playlists Track Your Turkey's Cook Time

No party is complete without music, even a holiday like Thanksgiving. And of course, no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without turkey. Now, thanks to Spotify, you can combine the two by using one of their customizable playlists as a timer for your turkey.

Just in time for the holidays, Spotify is launching its Turkey Timer. The tool will create a playlist filled with music timed perfectly for your bird's roasting time. To use the Turkey Timer, log in to Spotify, choose whether or not your bird is stuffed or unstuffed, and then select its weight. From there, Spotify will create a playlist for you that's the exact length of your turkey's cook time in one of six genres: Americana, family time, feeling thankful, club kitchen, freshly baked, or golden oldies.

So an 18-pound, unstuffed turkey under the "family time" playlist will lead to a 4 hour, 30 minute soundtrack featuring favorite tracks from the likes of Queen, Paul Simon, The Monkees, and Coldplay.

If you want to use an old-fashioned timer for your turkey but still have your own Thanksgiving dance party, you still can. Spotify has released a playlist of its top Thanksgiving-themed songs, featuring cuts from Justin Bieber, Neil Young, Louis Armstrong, and Adele.

But remember: You can't actually know if a turkey is finished cooking solely due to its cook time. While it's a decent indicator, temperature is the true test of a properly cooked bird. Be sure to get the breast meat to 165 degrees and the thigh to 185 degrees. For more Turkey Day tips, check out Butterball Turkey Talk-Line's most-asked questions (and the answers).