Spot Dessert Bar Launches New Fall-Inspired Desserts

Playful plating and fall flavors are displayed in the 4 new menu items
Facebook/Spot Dessert Bar

Try the spiced hot chocolate at Spot dessert bar.

New York City’s dessert-only restaurant Spot Dessert Bar is launching four new menu items to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Chef Ian Kittichai, who splits his time between New York and Bangkok, explains that the inspiration behind the new desserts is the fall season, and the idea of "playing with food."

The new desserts use local seasonal ingredients, such as apples from upstate New York. Kittichai said that the kitchen staff visits local farmers' markets three times a week to shop for the best apples and other fresh fruits and berries.

The most intriguing new desserts are the "Big Apple," an apple-shaped cheesecake with a bright red raspberry purée coating, walnut crumble, and orange salad, and "The Harvest," in which a berry shortcake is built inside a flowerpot and topped with cocoa cookie crumbs and a stem of mint to replicate a growing plant. "The Harvest" is Kittichai’s most playful presentation: deconstructed by the server in front of the diner’s eyes, the pot is turned upside down to reveal the cake, onto which the black rose tea-anglaise cream is poured.

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The new fall desserts will be featured on Spot’s menu starting in the first week of October.