A Spirited Cheese Pairing

Forget wine and cheese pairings, spirits add a new twist to your cheese plate

As a writer about all things boozy but mostly spirit-forward, I am constantly looking for ways to prove that spirits are just as fun to experiment and play around with as wine or beer. One of the best ways to prove this theory? A spirit and cheese pairing.

This pairing was no easy feat, because I had to start from the ground up. I am no cheese expert, so I decided to start within the realm that I am much more confident in, the spirits portion, and leave the cheese aspect up to the experts. I considered what I know about spirits that pair well with food when they are consumed on their own, consulted a couple of experts on spirit pairings, and came up with my list of imbibes.

When putting together this spirited list, I have to admit I was a bit biased when it came to choosing what would be included. While, admittedly, I will drink the occasional gussied-up cocktail with several mixers that hinder the base spirit rather than help it, my true love is a drink that is very spirit-forward. Therefore, I chose brands that I personally would walk into a bar and order in a drink, or would buy for my personal liquor cabinet.

I recommend this procedure for any kind of pairings or tastings that you do. Think of it as cooking with wine — would you cook with a wine that you wouldn't drink by the glass?

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— Sara Kay, The Spir.it