Spike TV Casts John Besh to Save Struggling Restaurants in 'Hungry Investors'

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Like 'Kitchen Nightmares' but with competition
John Besh to Spike TV 'Hungry Investors' | Food TV
John Besh/Spike TV

John Besh will make or break struggling restaurants in his new TV show.

Another food television show to put on your radar: Spike TV looped in chef John Besh to work with Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue) and Tiffany Derry (Top Chef All-Stars) in a new competitive show called Hungry Investors.

The premise: "Each week, the Hungry Investors team puts two struggling restaurants to the test to prove they deserve a second chance at success. The enterprise that shows the most promise of turning things around earns a significant cash investment. Both establishments seek to prove to the expert team that the only thing keeping them from financial fortune and success is finding an investor who believes in them," the press release says.

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Production begins this fall, with Spike ordering 10 one-hour episodes. We can't tell if John Besh will be the Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson of the judges, but Jon Taffer seems much more like a Tim Gunn than a Gordon Ramsay. The question is, will Amy's Baking Company make an appearance?