Spend Dining Dollars At Victors

Photo by Alex Weiner

It's getting to be that time of the semester when you realize that you've barely touched your Dining Dollars and Blue Bucks. Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year and Blue Bucks are forever, but here's how to burn through extra dollars the right way at Victors (located outside Mojo):

Under $5:

Breakfast: Stop in to Victors before class for a breakfast sandwich and a small coffee. Grab the most important meal of the day for less than $5.

Photo by Alex Weiner

Movie Snacks: Whether you're watching a movie in your dorm room or going to the theater, head to Victors to buy your snacks. You can get a bag of microwave popcorn, a box of candy and a bottle of pop for the same price as a box of candy at the theater.

Treat: For just $2, you can buy a gigantic rice crispy treat. Seriously, it was almost the size of my head. Loved it.

Photo by Alex Weiner

Under $10:

Lunch: For less than $8 you can buy a slice of pizza, a garlic stick with marinara sauce and a drink. Not bad, right?

Photo by Alex Weiner

Tortillas and cheese dip: Craving chips and queso? You can pick up a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of cheese dip for about $9.

Under $15:

Dinner: You can buy a sandwich, drink, cheesy bread and splurge on cinnamon sticks for dessert for less than $15. Note: choose a deli sandwich over a pre-made one. You can build your own sandwich at the deli. Plus, the bread is way better.

Photo by Alex Weiner

Whole pizza: If you have more Dining Dollars than you know what to do with, treat your friends to a pizza from Victors. One of their specialty pizzas costs $13.50, or you can grab a classic two topping pie for under $11.

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