Speakeasy-Inspired Spirits In Seattle

The bar at Tavern Law is reminiscent of a scientist's laboratory — bartenders add bitters to cocktails using an eye dropper and use an atomizer to properly add aromatics to a glass. One glance at the bartenders, clad head to toe in black with crisp vests and fedoras, expertly wielding their tools, and you'll know you're in good hands.

The encyclopedic cocktail and spirits menu at Tavern Law is categorized by type of drink — from flips, fizzes, and slings to martinis and cordials. The most intriguing part of the selection, apart from the breadth of it, is that most of the cocktails include a citation listing their bar of origin. 

When you're in the midst of bartenders as talented as those crafting cocktails at Tavern Law, sometimes it's best to trust their judgment. On a recent Friday night, I bellied up to the bar and did just that. After a few questions about my drink preferences — are you looking for something sweet or dry? Tequila or rum? Frothy or tart? — I was presented with exactly the cocktail I was looking for. 

Even with its old-school approach, the bar boasts the most hip and fashionable crowd that Seattle has to offer, which can most likely be attributed to the ultra-exclusive lounge upstairs called Needle and Thread. To get upstairs you'll need to find the vintage-looking phone hanging on a wall at the far side of the bar, which will connect you to the upper level. Once cleared, the staff will help you find your way upstairs. Unlike the lengthy menu available at Tavern Law, Needle and Thread has no menu at all, the lack of which only entreats you to explore new options since the bartenders will craft any cocktail that suits your desires.

Whether you're looking for the perfect spot to share an intimate evening with your date or the place to let loose and broaden your spirit(ual) horizons, Tavern Law is sure to impress.