Spanish Police Uncover Another Horsemeat Scandal

Spanish and French authorities uncover illegal horsemeat smuggling
Wikimedia/Donar Reiskoffer

Spanish police have uncovered an illegal horsemeat ring that has been falsifying documents to slaughter animals for human consumption.

Just last year Europe was stunned by a food scandal that found horsemeat in place of or in addition to beef and pork in all sorts of places it was not supposed to be. But some people are still trading in it on purpose, and Spanish police say they just arrested several people for trafficking illegal horsemeat.

While the resulting meat was correctly labeled as horsemeat this time, the animals it came from were not legally cleared to be slaughtered for human consumption. According to Reuters, five people have been arrested for falsifying documents and sending horses that were not fit for human consumption to slaughterhouses. The Local reports that the raid was reportedly related to a bust back in December that uncovered animals used for drug testing that were given false public health records and slaughtered for human consumption in France.

“Several people have been detained... and searches are under way in livestock farms, private estates, veterinary clinics and slaughterhouses,” a spokesperson said.


The investigation is ongoing, and as it appears to be related to the ring in France, Spanish police say the probe is operating in conjunction with French authorities.