Spanish Chef Creates World's Largest Tortilla Española

In 2010 Spanish chef Senén González won Spain's award for the world's best-tasting tortilla, now he's set his sights a little bigger and claimed the record for the world's biggest tortilla as well.

According to The Local, the world's largest tortilla was cooked this weekend in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in Northern Spain. Many local chefs contributed to the giant tortilla, which weighed in at 3,500 pounds when finished.

In Spain, a tortilla española is a type of omelet filled with potatoes. The recipe for this record-breaking example reportedly took 1852 pounds of eggs, 3527 pounds of potatoes, 66 pounds of onions, and 22 pounds of salt. The final tortilla was 16 feet wide and had to be cooked in a special pan made just for the occasion, because normal tortilla pans can't handle a 16-foot example.

The giant tortilla took four hours to cook, and fed more than 10,000 people who turned up to buy a slice. Proceeds from the event were donated to the city's food bank.