A Spaghetti Burger, Deep-Fried Burger, and More News

In today's Media Mix, female chefs chat about being female (and asked about it) while the New Yorker reviews food TV shows
Spaghetti Burger

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Spaghetti Burger, Deep-Fried Burger Spotted: In crazy burger news, Grub Street notes of a burger-topped plate of spaghetti in Boston, not to mention a burger wrapped in dough and deep-fried for gluttonous New Yorkers. [Grub Street Boston/New York]

8 Smoothies, 3 Ingredients: Easy and healthy are always good in our book. Here: eight 3-ingredient smoothies. Genius. [Buzzfeed]

Female Chefs on Being Female: Five chefs chat about why they hate or love the question, "What's it like to be a female chef?" [Eater]

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New Yorker on Food TV: Non-food writer Emily Nussbaum takes a look at food television, starting with Gordon Ramsay and ending with the Barefoot Contessa. [New Yorker]