Daring Entrepreneur Creates Knockoff Soylent

The world needed another beige food substitute

A new knockoff Soylent called "Schmoylent" is on the market.

Soylent, the cool new beige meal substitute that reportedly contains everything a human needs to live if that human doesn’t like food, is so popular with people who have given up on normal food that demand exceeds the ready supply to such an extent that a new knockoff has been created, and it’s called “Schmoylent.”

According to Gawker, there are so many people looking to give up food that there’s a long backlog of orders and a waiting list full of people waiting to get their Soylent boxes. The Soylent forums are full of Soylent fans bemoaning their favorite product’s waiting list, which is said to be up to three months for new customers. But new “Schmoylent”, the food substitute substitute, advertises that it can ship in just one to three weeks.


Reviewers on the product's website say Schmoylent has the texture of gritty pancake batter, and an oaty, mild vanilla flavor that is not unpleasant. One day’s worth of Schmoylent sells for $20, and a month’s supply is $300.