South End Buttery: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Since I first arrived in Boston 6 years ago (!!!), I have always lived in the South End. Certainly, I have moved from apartment to apartment far more than my fair share, but I have somehow managed to stay in the proximity of the Ballet and between the boundaries of Appleton and Washington street.

This past summer, I had the end of yet another lease looming ahead of me and with the rental market in this area being what it is (impossible!), I was worried I may have to leave the neighborhood!

Luckily, I have found a perfect spot right in the middle of the South End and I can continue to enjoy what the area has to offer.

As a little example of just how great the SE can be, here is a recap of my Sunday:)

After spending the day at the SoWa Market and visiting both Clover and Bon Me Food trucks, there was an Evening of Music in Union Park.

From 5-7 pm, the members of the UPNA (Union Park Neighborhood Association), hosted a wondrous gathering of neighbors and friends, spread around the beautiful park running through the middle of Union Park, my favorite street in Boston.

Most people brought their picnics to enjoy each others' company, the sound of a string trio and the trickling of the fountain.

My friend and I had dinner plans waiting for us at the South End Buttery, so we hung around a bit and then (when the sprinklers all turned on as if on key), we made our way to the restaurant cafe.

The Buttery is another one of the places I would really miss if I were to leave the South End. Funnily enough however, for all the times I have eaten here and gotten my caffeine fix, I have never experienced their dinner service!

My friend and I thus decided to get a few different things and share them. We started with their Boston Lettuce salad which came with deliciously thick slabs of bacon and roasted radish. 

Another appetizer we went for was their trio of cheese toasts with rosemary. For this evening we had a strong and creamy blue, a ricotta and a goat cheese. Sweet and savory truffle honey as well as grapes zapped in the oven made for interesting and unusual accoutrements.

Although it was a nice summer evening in August, the wild mushroom mac' and cheese really called to me. I was a bit surprised actually by the winter-centric menu, with items like 'spiced root vegetables' and meat hearty menu options abounding.

Regardless, the mac' and cheese turned out to be light and the mushrooms robust and filled with texture and taste, so I was happy:)

We also shared their Mussels Provencal which came with a side of fries. Plump and juicy PEI mussels were in a fantastic broth of sweet and tasty tomatoes and braised fennel. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a good picture of these.

It was a delightful dinner, the end to a delightful day in the South End. The dining space at the Buttery is really special and the service was refreshing and honest. Looks like the Buttery's dinner service is another thing to add to the South End roster.

If I were to have to give up the convenience of such great novelties, I would be in despair...lucky for me, looks like I have solidified another year in this fabulous neighborhood:)