South of the Border

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3346 Highway 301 N (at I-95)
Hamer, SC 29547


  • This place would be easier to find if they'd put up a few billboards:-)
  • Its a super tacky tourist destination!
  • confirmed. the gum is still on the gorillas butt.
  • The surroundings have the makings of a horror film...
  • Look for the gum I placed in the gorilla butt when I was 10. Should still be there.
  • Take a picture of the giant Pedro outside of the bathrooms.
  • Amid the mini-golf, wedding chapel, reptile lagoon, golf course and jogging trail, there's also a truck stop. You can take it all in from the 200-foot-tall Sombrero Observation Tower.
  • A fun stop on I-95 thats home to the Worlds Cheesiest Roadside attraction.
  • Giant fiberglass animals and a 150 foot tall Mexican....what's not to like about Pedro's?
  • Great stop when ur on 95 and looking for a break
  • Made our South's Best List! This highway stop has eats, fun tourist shopping and attractions like a reptile exhibit and small theme park.
  • Stopping in just because I told my mom about the gum in the gorillas butt. Haha. She wants to see. Classy.
  • seriously, all i wanted was a racially insensitive t-shirt and they were closed at 10pm on a saturday night. LAME.
  • This is what it would look like if Tijuana & Las Vegas had a baby. Tackiest place EVER.
  • Don't get gas here. Travel just a few miles into SC. You'll save $$ a gallon!
  • Take pictures! You're at the tackiest place on earth:-)
  • Could use some reinvestment. Great property- 30 years ago.
  • What began as a beer stand over 60 years ago, has grown into a 300-acre complex that includes a dozen gift shops, six restaurants, an amusement park, a motel and a campground.
  • Quantity over quality!
  • Its fun & cute!

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3346 Highway 301 N
3346 Highway 301 N