Sony's 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector Is Totally Worth the $40k Price Tag


There were a lot of cool things at this year's CES, but my favorite is probably Sony's new 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. Unlike other projectors, this one doesn't have to be mounted on the ceiling or anywhere else far back from the surface area it's projecting upon. As anyone who has ever stood up in front of one of those models knows, that setup isn't necessarily ideal — well, not unless you really like making shadow puppets.


Breaking tradition, Sony designed their Ultra Short Throw Projector to sit right up against whatever surface you're using as a screen (whether it be an actual screen or just a white wall). The streamlined design is sleek and unassuming, able to fit into whatever décor theme you may have in your home — or even outside on a covered patio. 

From as close as 20 inches, the company promises that the unit will beam a 66" to 147" 4K resolution image and thanks to its SXRD panel, boasts four times the resolution of HD. They also affirm that even though the image is large, you won't be seeing any nasty pixelation to detract you from the film. If you want to change the frame size — maybe the wall you're using is a bit smaller — the 1.6x power zoom lens will let you do just that. Thanks to its laser light source, it supposedly reaches its peak brightness much quicker than lamp-driven projectors. Plus, the color accuracy will lost much longer too.

The aluminum device is made up of five components: the projector in the middle, with a speaker on both ends, and then a cabinet on each side. The projector's top cover open and shut automatically when the unit is being used or is shut off, which helps protect it from dust.

The 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector should be on the shelves by the summer and will cost around $40k.