Songs Celebrating Hot Chocolate

When the weather outside is frightful, nothing hits the spot quite like a cup of warm cocoa. Whether you like it spiked for your party or rich and creamy after a day of building snow forts, hot cocoa warms the soul in a way that no other drink can. But to get you in the hot chocolate spirit even more, we wanted to celebrate it in an unconventional way: with song!

For a fun playlist to listen to as you sip cocoa by the fire or on the couch while you write your Christmas cards, listen to these adorably sweet songs and celebrate the magic of hot chocolate


Click here to for our Hot Chocolate Playlist on Spotify:

Tom Hanks — Hot Chocolate

Beat Happening — Hot Chocolate Boy

Hanne Sørvaag — Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

Grover Mitchell — Hot Chocolate

Sally Sieh — Hot Chocolate Day

Amy Goode Faris — Hot Chocolate

The Von Trapp Children — Hot Cup Of Cocoa

The String Beans — Hot Cocoa Christmas

El Chikaly — Marshmallows

Josef Peters — Moonshine & Marshmallows

Gero Körner — Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Nightmares — Cold Night, Hot Chocolate

Need a recipe of your own? Try  W Verbier's, W's first alpine ski retreat, boozy hot chocolate recipe to get the winter party started!