Sometimes, Food Packaging Just Doesn't Work Out

Here's the case for edible packaging for everything

Sometimes, a package of cookies just doesn't open the right way and the next day you're left with stale chocolate cookies that you'll know you'll eat anyway because, they're cookies.

So naturally, Pleated Jeans comedian behind groan-worthy food pun hunting in the kitchen and supermarket has created this supercut of him struggling to open multiple food products. Bags of chips? Tearing open to drop everything on the floor. Can lids? Stuck inside the can. Juice bags? Impenetrable. Boxes are stuck together, plastic doesn't tear apart, and ketchup just doesn't come out of the bottle. (Pro tip: Hit the 57 circle).

Naturally, this video has gone viral, because who hasn't hated themselves for poorly opening a bag of cereal? Not this girl. Watch below to see some oh-so-true, some oh-so-exaggerated instances of poor food packaging that makes you feel awful about yourself. You are not doing it wrong (although these guys might be).