Some British Kids Think Pasta Is Meat

As part of an initiative called "Healthy Eating Week," the British Nutrition Federation interviewed 27,500 school children from various parts of the United Kingdom.  Despite increased efforts to inform the younger generation of the UK about nutrition and healthy eating choices, the results of this survey suggest that these kids still have a lot to learn. 

The survey has revealed that one in ten secondary school children believes that tomatoes grow underground, and a third of five-to-eat-year old children think that both bread and pasta are made of meat.

When asked what the main ingredient in fish fingers was, one in five children under eleven believed that it was chicken.

With obesity levels sky-high, BNF education program director is hoping that "Healthy Eating Week" will "start the process of re-engaging children with the origins of food, nutrition, and cooking so that they grow up with a fuller understanding of how food reaches them and what a healthy diet and lifestyle consists of."

The initiative, which was launched today , is being promoted by over 3,000 schools and will hopefully give more than 1.2 million British children more accurate knowledge about how to live healthier lives.