Soft Shell Crab Proposed For Maryland State Sandwich

Did you know that the Maryland State dessert is something called the Smith Island Cake? And that the State exercise is walking? Well now you do, and soon there might be another State item joining the party: the soft shell crab, which just might end up becoming the State sandwich next year, if Senator Richard F. Colburn gets his way.

The measure is being put to a vote on January 9, and if it passes the humble sandwich will be elevated to the position of State sandwich on October 1, 2013.

While some naysayers might argue that the crab cake sandwich's identity is more tied in with the state, in fact there's good reasoning why it's never been nominated.

"The soft-crab is more unique to Maryland," Colburn told The Baltimore Sun. "This would actually help the seafood industry."

"There's also a better chance that the soft-crab you're eating is from Maryland," he continued. "Crab cakes can be made with crab meat from Thailand," Colburn said. "And it's the only sandwich you eat with legs sticking out of it."

The man makes a very good point.