Sadly, Ferran Adrià Will Not Be Working on a Biopic with George Clooney

In a recent feature with the Telegraph, we learn that Adrià is probably not cooking

It's been a while since we checked on what culinary star Ferran Adrià has been up to, so luckily the Telegraph has a nice lengthy piece on the former elBulli chef.

First off, cooking is not happening here. "They want a picture of me at the stove, in the act of cooking," he says of the Telegraph's photographer. "Why? The fact is that we are not cooking anymore." Sad!

Bullipedia is still in the works for October, as is the elBulli Foundation. Adrià, in the meantime, hopes to be compared to Steve Jobs and Norman Foster "because they changed the world," while warning young chefs that fame has a positive and negative effect. "If they’re not on every TV show, or on every cover, swearing their head off, they feel they’ve failed," he said.

The most interesting part of this tidbit, however, is where Adrià claims he wouldn't want any star to play him in a Hollywood version of his life. "Who will be playing Adrià? Brad Pitt? George Clooney?" the Telegraph writes. "He snorts. 'I don’t want a star,' he says. 'You don’t believe in a famous actor playing someone equally famous who’s still alive. Look at Will Smith playing Cassius Clay. You’re always comparing him to the real thing, to his detriment.'"

Too bad; George Clooney cooking is serious babe chef gold.