Snapshots of California Wine Country

Our contributor tours the vines of Napa and Sonoma

Once our contributor reached the top of the hill after unlocking many gates, they got out to see the famous Cain rock, ‘La Piedra.’

On my recent trip to California’s wine country, I saw an unbelievable amount of beautiful things.  I had perfect weather during my stay, which allowed me to snap some great photos.  But something tells me that even if the weather wasn’t ideal, and my ability to frame a good photo failed me, I still would have some beautiful things to share. 

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Everywhere you turn in both Napa and Sonoma, and everywhere in between, there are grape vines.  Grape vines trace the highways, follow you up the long mountain roads, undulate like massive waves in the sea, and taunt you with their ripe fruit.

And just like the grape vines that surround you, it’s impossible to not stumble upon amazing food when you’re in California’s wine country.  I know the trip was supposed to be about the wine, and it most certainly was, but everything to me comes back to food.  

I ate sake-marinatedl local black cod in a shiso broth with Chris Howell at Cain Winery, roasted vegetables on focaccia under a patio umbrella with Michael Trujillo at Sequoia Grove, marinated yellow beets with truffle oil with Kathleen Inman at Inman Family Wines, and duck confit with pistachio brittle at El Dorado Kitchen next to Don Van Staaveren of Three Sticks Wines

Delicious food, superb wines, unforgettable people…what else could you possibly need?


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