Snack Bar: Simple Fun

My husband and I met up with his cousin and his wife at Snack Bar last weekend.  I have walked by this place a few times and even managed to grab a somewhat-awkward iced coffee to go from them.  That is, they did not have to go cups, so they used soup containers if I recall.   


I would love to spin this cousin-get together into a Downton Abbey saga, but frankly Snack Bar falls too short on the drama spectrum.  They have delicious ingredients on their menus which is by far my favorite aspect.  Local heirloom tomatoes, crisp local beer, Japanese fusion elements (menu is heavy on sake)... 


We ordered the appetizer special – fried green tomatoes with a cabbage and fried capers sauce.  I devoured all of the capers because capers are the golden dragons of the food world; religions with every bite...  And, back to the dish – the tomatoes were delicious, but the sauce was too mayonnaisey for my progressive tastes.  (Progressive to be read in a hoity toity Maggie Smith voice). 


I would go here again, but only if I lived in the neighborhood.  Not worth the parking and hussle of So Co in my book.  In a word – charming, wholesome, simple.