Beer Smuggler Claims 3,400 Beers Were for Personal Use

Man caught by customs officials said he wasn’t smuggling

A man tried to avoid suspicion for smuggling by saying he planned to drink 3,400 liters of beer himself.

A man in a van who was caught smuggling thousands of liters of undeclared alcohol into Sweden tried to get off by claiming he was going to drink it all himself, but police are not buying the story.

According to The Local, the man had actually managed to get through Swedish customs with thousands of liters of undeclared alcohol in his van. Once he made it out onto the highway, however, some customs agents happened to be driving behind him and noticed that the van was riding low as though heavily overloaded. When they pulled him over to investigate, they found 3,400 liters of beer, 250 liters of hard alcohol, and 150 cartons of cigarettes stowed in the back of the van.

Although caught red-handed, the man continued to assert his innocence, insisting that the 3,400 liters of beer and 150 cartons of cigarettes were just what he was planning on drinking and smoking himself. Police were skeptical, considering that the man would have had to drink more than 9 one-liter bottles of beer a day for an entire year to get through that stash.


Swedish police were not moved by the story, and officials say the man is now officially a smuggling suspect.