Smart Kitchen Appliances That Will Change The Way You Cook

If you watched The Jetsons with starry eyes, dreaming about heading into space just to have a chance to cook in that high-tech kitchen, your dreams could be coming true. The kitchen is turning into the smartest room in the house thanks to manufacturers like Samsung, Sub-Zero, and Whirlpool. The big brands have all created smart-technology kitchen appliances that will change the way you cook forever. The Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerator has a calendar setting so you can program in holidays to remind you when to start grocery shopping. The LG version lets you scan your grocery receipt after shopping, so you can keep track of what you're running low on. It'll alert you when you've got a product about to expire and recommend recipes based on the fridge's contents.

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Remember Rosie's ability to create a meal with the wave of her robotic arm? Well, there's a microwave that makes it that simple by reading barcodes on foods to cook them perfectly. Italian appliance maker Bugatti is making the toaster relevant again with a $1,000 version that cooks everything from steak to sides with the tap of an app icon.

If getting home in time to start dinner is an issue for you, LG has you covered with a smart oven that can be controlled and monitored remotely by phone. You can pick a recipe from the oven's recipe bank and it will preheat to the correct temperature. It will also be integrated with the smart fridge so that you can send a recipe from one to the other.  [slideshow:

If you've got a spare $10,000, GE has created a walk-in wine cellar that is programmed by a 15-inch LCD screen that syncs to your smartphone and lets you scan bottles, create labels, and keep track of your inventory.

In a world where you can do everything from start your car to spy on an ex with your smart phone, why should the kitchen miss out on the fun? Here are the smart appliances that will change the way you cook.

Whirlpool Kitchen of the Future


Whirlpool has a kitchen of the future in the works. An early prototype features a revolutionary touchscreen cooktop that can pull info from your tablet and phone, as well as control your oven and stove and boil water at the same time. The use of induction technology to heat pots keeps the cooktop surface cool to the touch while your food cooks. That means you can easily manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts on the same screen you're stirring your sauce pot on.

Bugatti Noun Toaster


It used to be a toaster was just for toasting bread. Things got crazy when manufacturers added a bagel setting to their toasters. Bugatti is turning the toaster into the must-have appliance of the decade with their Noun Toaster. The clear-walled contraption (made of transparent ceramic glass) is Bluetooth-enabled and syncs up to an app that you control with your phone or tablet. We're not just talking toast from the shower. The Noun can cook shrimp, steak, vegetables, and more.