Someone Invented a Bluetooth Salt Shaker

Why use a regular salt shaker instead of a smart salt shaker?

The Smalt smart salt shaker is a Bluetooth-enabled salt shaker that plays music, lights up, and also contains salt. 

If there’s anything in the kitchen that is not yet “smart” and can play music and use Bluetooth, just wait, because the smart kitchen is coming, and now it’s come for your salt shaker.

The new smart salt shaker is called “Smalt,” and it describes itself as “the first multi-sensory device to make dining experience fun.” It appears to make dining experiences “fun” by playing music that streams from your phone, lighting up the room with a color-changing ring around its top, and containing salt.

“Everything tastes better with a little bit of salt. Surprise your guests and their palate with fun, interactive way to shake salt and bring out the flavor,” the Smalt website proclaims. It also boasts that Smalt is portable, which is a good thing, because a non-portable salt shaker would not be very good at shaking salt.

Smalt is a speaker, a salt shaker, and a centerpiece--if a glowing salt shaker counts as a centerpiece.


Smalt production will reportedly be funded with IndieGoGo. The fundraising campaign has not started yet, but people who are interested in buying a Bluetooth-enabled salt shaker can sign up to be alerted when the campaign begins. Early adopters will be rewarded with up to 50 percent off of whatever the retail price of a smart salt shaker winds up being.