Small Apartment Kitchen Party Tips

Don’t have a ton of space? Don’t sweat it: you can still host a great party
Small Space Party Tips

Don’t let your inner party animal be confined.

Have a small space but your inner-host is still dying to throw a party? Small space dwellers, don’t despair: you can throw a great party with these simple tricks:

Don’t Stress About Seats

Adding chairs to the chaos will only cause more clutter. Try placing oversized throw pillows to create a cool, relaxed atmosphere that can change easily as others join the party.

Simple Serving

Make one-pot dishes and keep them on the stove! Guests can serve themselves and keep the room flowing without people bumping into one another.

Spread the Alcohol Out

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Don’t have one designated station for anything: especially the bar! Guests will be huddled in an already-tight corner, so spread the bottles out throughout your home. This forces people to mingle and move so it doesn’t feel so cramped.