Small Apartment Kitchen Decor Ideas

Living in a small apartment can feel stifling at times. Your limited storage space often clashes with your functionality, but it also hinders your ability to design a personal kitchen. Don't let space hold you back. There are tiny upgrades you can make to your kitchen that will totally transform its look, without compromising your space functionality needs. Try these easy tricks if you are in a tiny kitchen!

Use the Walls

In a small apartment kitchen, your walls will become your best friend. Get creative and use industrial peg boards and hooks to hang pots and pans so you can keep your food safely in your cabinets. You'll not only get a space-saving trick out of it, your wall will get a really functional-looking design.

Use Bright Colors

Don't think small spaces have to be limited to boring white colors. You can make your space vibrant and pop with bright accessories like colorful canisters and cabinet hardware. With such pretty tools and essentials, you won't need to use extra room to hang art or non-functional decoration!

Craft your Cabinets

You don't need to install new cabinets to get a fresh look. Use paint to make a two-tone style for a bold cabinetry statement. Use vinyl wall "skins" to decorate the backsplash around the cabinets to make them pop, or use chalkboard paint to make a cabinet a fun and functional piece of furniture! Decorating small spaces is all about multitasking.