From Slop To Sediment: In-Home Food Composter Released

Imagine if you could reduce your carbon footprint just by pressing a button. As one of the first in-home composters that takes in food waste and spits out bio-degradable and nutrient-rich soil particles, that's exactly what Food Cycle Science's new composter claims it's able to do. At $399, though, the new countertop device comes at a hefty price.

"There's always been the stigma that composting was tiresome and time-consuming, we hope to change people's outlook with the Food Cycler: Home," Brad Crepeau, vice-president of sales and marketing at Food Cycle Science, told Yahoo. "The unit makes it simple for the everyday consumer to tap into green technology and greatly reduce their carbon footprint with just the push of a button."

The Food Cycler, even though it's expensive, seems easy to use. According to its features, the user just dumps in his or her food waste (anything from chicken bones to eggshells, even a hamburger), and in a few hours, out pops the pile of compost. The unit doesn't need extra parts, and won't need to be vented or drained and the process; according to Food Cycle Science, is odorless too.