Slices At Cetrone's Pizzeria


Cetrone's, a beloved pizzeria shop located in Bowie, serves simple, well-made Italian food. This pizza institution was established to provide customers with delicious, Italian home cooking. However, there is one menu item they are well known for, – their thin crust pizza. Cetrone's original pan pizzas are true food showstoppers. Over the years, the owners have been successful as a direct result of their commitment to serving tasty dishes to incoming patrons and families.


When considering the menu, the shop has offered a wide selection for the lunch crowd.  However, you can't go wrong by ordering their standard cheese slice with a topping of pepperoni. Each pie is made in a rustic wood fire oven, prepared for those dining either in or taking- out. The wonderful aroma of cheese and baked bread waft into the dining area from the kitchen as diners sit comfortably waiting for their orders. The atmosphere is comfortable and often filled with loud chatter.  The simple, homelike décor and rustic interior adds an intimate feel to the space.


I ordered a large pan pizza, made with half cheese and half pepperoni.  The pizza is exceptional; it's traditionally made with wholesome tomato sauce, fresh cheese and spiced ingredients. The crust is tasty, with a soft doughy center that absorbs the flavorful sauce and mozzarella cheese oozing of the sides of the pizza. The calzones are equally delicious and satisfying.  The dish is prepared and served in large portions and filled with a generous helping of rich cheeses.


Overall, the owners are warm and friendly; they work hard to keep their customers happy.  For a grand lunch option, bring your friends over to Cetrone's Pizzeria shop for a tasty slice and a charming dining experience.