A Slice Of The South

You'll notice that particular tang of real barbeque in the streets of Chinatown when you get close to Capital Q. This place is unabashedly Texan, with deer heads, longhorn skulls, and an animal pelt of some sort tacked on the brick wall by the bathrooms. One wall is plastered with initialed dollar bills, and there is a framed picture of a very young looking George Dubya. Capital Q actually catered the Republican Convention in Philadelphia in 2000—that's how authentic they are. 

Barbeque is pointedly no-frills, and with its red plastic trays and paper plates, this joint is true to form. The man behind the counter grabs a slab of blackened meat, expertly slices it, and ladles your choice (spicy or mild) of deep red sauce over it all. Add a side of nibblet corn or baked beans, and all the compartments of your sectioned plate will be filled. There is also pulled chicken and pork that can be made into gloriously gloppy sandwiches, and southern desserts like pecan pie in plastic tins at the checkout. To eat in true Texan style, wash down your ribs with some sweet Texas tea.