New ‘Sleep-Friendly’ Ice Cream Aims To Help You Spoon Up Better Rest

If sleep is a rocky road for you, this might help you lick that problem

Is sleep a rocky road for you? A startup named Nightfood is hoping to help you lick that frustrating problem with nutrition bars and ice cream that reportedly support better quality sleep.

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Nightfood launched in 2010 with a line of nutrition bars, and according to Fast Company, the company is introducing a line of what it calls “sleep-friendly” ice cream in February 2019.

The company’s products don’t contain anything that’s considered a sleep aid, the site’s FAQ notes. But the ingredients are carefully chosen to avoid items that will interfere with good sleep, even if eaten as late-night snacks. According to the site, that means less sugar and sodium and more fiber, among other ingredients.

Fast Company writer Rina Raphael tried out Nightfood alongside her regular favorite, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, for six nights.

“Nightfood was as tasty as its competitor, if perhaps a bit less creamy, but neither had any discernible effect on my sleep,” Raphael wrote. “Granted, I have a relatively strong tummy, but I am one of the consumers that would need to see a definitive change in sleep patterns to justify a brand swap.


The pints will cost $4.99 and come in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, chocolate-chip cookie dough, and decaf coffee. A representative for Nightfood told The Daily Meal that the ice cream will be available online in February 2019, and would also be available in retail stores, though details on that are not yet available. While you’re waiting for Nightfood ice cream to come to a freezer section near you, here’s a look at the world’s 50 best ice-cream parlors.