Sleep in "The Center of the World" at Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa in Chile


If you zoom in just close enough on Google Maps, you may notice a small speck of a dot located 2,200 miles west of Chile. That mark is Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) and has a population of around 5,035 inhabitants on its 62-square-mile plot of land. It has been called "The Center of the World" and is considered the most remote inhabited island on the planet, with no other landmass being as isolated. Famous for its giant stone statues — the largest one coming in at 37 feet tall — is also home to Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa.


Hangaroa was conceived as a luxury hotel where its spaces would intertwine with its landscapes and making sure to create an eco-friendly environment. The hotel’s rounded rooftops sit under a layer of grass, and from a bird’s eye view, the whole property appears to blend into the countryside, blurring the lines between earth and architecture.

Basing their interior décor off of the island’s geographic elements, the spaces are filled with simple objects made from fine materials and natural light takes priority. Tree trunks shoot up from the ground throughout the property as if bursting through the ceilings to reaching the sunlight. The main house, or lobby area, is designed as an upside boat which is part of the island’s ancestral history; the original being seen in the rocky ruins of the isle.

Accommodations come in two choices: Kainga or Ma’unga. The 69 Kainga rooms are made up of clay and volcanic rock, cypress trunks and other natural materials. A native crafted clay tub sits in the center of the bathroom next to slick dark wood tree trunks. Unconventional and organic, the curved guestrooms offer high ceilings, tile flooring, green amenities and an open floor-plan, which is both a positive and negative element. There are no doors in between the bathroom and bedroom area which can be difficult when not wanting to wake your companion.

The six Ma’unga suites have similar layouts to the guestrooms but offer a little more space (242-255 square feet vs. 147-160 square feet). There is also a music system, internet connection, desk, safe, minibar, and a private terrace overlooking the ocean. Printed fabrics, wicker chairs and colorful pinks, greens and browns decorate the insides. Previous guests suggest a seaview room to get the best out of your stay.

Around the resort, guests can find meeting rooms, a pool, dining options and a spa. Poerava restaurant serves Rapa Nui traditional ingredients like seafood, fish, sweet potatoes and more continental cuisine inside a round dining area. You’ll find the best seats outside on the patio that overlook the Pacific Ocean. With only a few hotels around the island, the bar area gets a great crowd of global travelers ready to swap stories over cocktails.

While the town is a close car-ride away, it is a 20-minute walk around the property to get to the main road, so make sure to take comfortable shoes. Hangaroa is a romantic destination for lovers or guests looking for some peace and solitude. However, its distance from the main city may prove too remote for some travelers and should be considered when booking. Rates start at around $553 a night for single occupants and can be booked with a Premium or Bed & Breakfast package.