Sleek qronoCase Protects Your iPhone With Style


Some people change their cell phone case as often as they do their shoes, but qrono is one case that will probably stick around. In an effort to be as diverse as the iPhone it holds, the sleek qronoCase has an elastic strap to help you multitask without dropping your phone. You can also use it to store your credit cards and cash for when you go out to the bar with friends and don't want to take a bulky wallet or purse. Made using aluminum, the buttons are fused together with a silicone rubber lining that makes clicking a breeze, while the bumpers have a protective liner within that gives all-around protection from shocks and abrasions. Game pad-inspired grips are added to the sides for two-handed holding, making viewing videos and playing games much easier. Calling itself the "first modular armor" for iPhones, the qronoCase comes in Timeless Silver,  Executive Black, and Prominent Red. Order now for an expected December 12, 2013 delivery date.