Slate Rates Best Cheap Beers And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
The folks at Delfina made an excellent slow motion food fight video for the holidays, where owners Craig and Anne Stoll get a bucket of spaghetti dumped on them. [HuffPo]

A man in Tunisia died after eating 28 raw eggs; the cause of death has not been determined. [LA  Times]

A Kansas City, Mo. hospital has closed their McDonald's, the final boot after 20 years. [NPR]

The FDA cannot find any scientific reasons to prohibit the sales of genetically engineered fish, and honestly, "frankenfish" are not as bad as fast food, a bioethicist says. [NBC]

The most tweeted about restaurant of 2012? Mission Chinese Food (Danny Bowien wins 2012). [Grub Street]

A documentary called Soul Food Junkies looks at how African American culture has been linked to high-fat foods such as ribs and fried chicken. [Reuters]

Here is a guide to the best and worst of cheap beers. This is important. [Slate]