60-Year Old Whiskey in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II on Sale for $250,000

Only 60 bottles were distilled in 1952 to mark the start of the queen's reign

The Diamond Jubilee Whiskey.

When Queen Elizabeth II was preparing to take the throne in 1952, John Walker & Sons were preparing their own celebration: distilling 60 bottles of whiskey. Now, the "Diamond Jubilee" whiskey has at last been bottled — and is ready to be sold for a mere £100,000 (or $250,000).

Master distiller of John Walker & Sons, Jim Beveridge, who oversaw the whiskey's creation, told the Daily Mail that it was stored at the company's distilleries until last year, and only recently decanted the whiskey into a glass. He said, "It's a very special blend and all of the craftsmen that have been involved in the creation of the project and all the things that surround the whiskey are really very special as well."

The whiskey, sold in a crystal decanter with two engraved crystal glasses, is now on sale in Singapore, where Reuters reports there could very well be a buyer for the pricey drink. Last year, a Chinese businessman bought a $250,000 bottle of whiskey, a 62-year old Dalmore single malt. Said one John Walker employee, those interested in the whiskey are those "looking to buy a piece of history." Profits from the whiskey sold will go to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

With a mere 60 bottles on the market, tastings are hard to come buy. Wondering what an extremely pricey whiskey might taste like? Unsurprisingly, great — Whiskey Advocate rated it a 93 out of 100, and said on its blog: "Its different facets weave around each other: velvet texture, the refreshing bitter perfume of spices, pools of soft fruits as it flows down the throat."