6 Summer Cocktail Recipes from Brooklyn's Maison Premiere

These gorgeous drinks are sure to impress at your next BBQ
Jane Bruce

The Barber of Seville at Maison Premiere smells nutty before you even take a sip.

This time of year is the sweet spot between “warmer than winter” and “too sweltering to do anything besides spend all day at the movies for the air conditioning.” Time to crack open a beer, chill the white wine, and go sit outside. If you're feeling a little adventurous, pour yourself a homemade cocktail. If you’d like to go beyond vodka and pink lemonade (not that there's anything wrong with that), then look no further than these cocktails from the talented bartenders at Maison Premiere.

You may recognize the name from their recent nod from The James Beard Foundation. Maison Premiere’s bar program, headed by lead bartender William Elliott, was nominated for Outstanding Bar Program in 2014. Elliott creates a menu of innovative and delicious cocktails that are perfect for sipping in their garden with a few oysters.

If you’re not a quick jaunt on the L train away from Maison Premiere, don't worry; we've got the recipes for you right here. Crush up your ice all fancy-like and collect your accouterments. These drinks taste delicious and look even better (though it’s a close race).

Mai Tai

Click here for the Mai Tai recipe.

Arsenic and Old Lace

Click here for the Arsenic and Old Lace recipe.

Barber of Seville

Click here for the Barber of Seville recipe.

Imperial Opal

Click here for the Imperial Opal recipe.

Chicago Zephyr

Click here for the Chicago Zephyr recipe.

Future Days

Click here for the Future Days recipe.


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