'The Situation' Sues Vodka Company For $5 Million

While his Jersey Shore castmate is going a different culinary route, The Situation is suing a vodka company he made an endorsement deal with in 2010 for allegedly going back on its contract. 

According to the Spirits Business, Mike Sorrentino (aka the Jersey Shore frontman) signed a deal with Devotion Vodka back in 2010. Although Sorrentino has received an 8 percent stake in the company as part of the contract, Devotion Vodka has not given him the extra 2 percent — which Sorrentino claims was his after a one-year anniversary of the deal. Sorrentino also says he was not offered "buy-back" shares in the company at the two-year anniversary of the deal. 

Now, Sorrentino is suing the company for $5 milion, or 10 percent of his share of the company. Of course, Sorrentino recently completed a stint in rehab, but he's still hawking the vodka despite being sober.