Sinkhole Swallows Entire Fish Farm All At Once

A fish farmer running a small commercial fishery in China got a terrible shock this week when he went out to check on his stock and found that a mysterious sinkhole had opened in the ground and swallowed his entire pond full of fish during the night.

According to Shanghaiist, the farmer runs a fisher in Guangxi, China, and went out one morning last week to check on his fish. When he got to the pond, however, it was gone. The pond had been just fine the night before, but when he arrived in the morning there was an enormous, five-meter hole in the ground and it looked like the drain had been pulled from a bathtub. The water was gone, and so were a reported 25 tons of the farmer's fish.

The hole is enormous, and nobody knows for sure how deep it is or where it came from. Sinkholes sometimes appear without warning in China and have been known to swallow buses, cars, and even whole buildings. This particular sinkhole is a mystery, but some residents say they think it might have been caused by a nearby rock quarry.