The Simplest Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be a big to-do. If you’re feeding just a couple of people, choose something simple and comforting. When sharing a Christmas meal, it’s just as much about the company as it is the food.

Last year, before my husband and I, and our friends, went our separate ways for our various family gatherings around the country, we hosted a Christmas dinner for our “New York family.” Our closest friends came over for a simple, elegant dinner to celebrate a great year together – and to share some of the wonderful things that we’re looking forward in the New Year.

When everyone arrived, I passed them a glass of eggnog while we opened presents around our Christmas tree. I prepared a beautiful chuck roast from a small beef farm in Maine, creamy braised endive and a simple wild rice pilaf with pomegranate. It was a delicious and perfect New York Christmas evening.


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