Simple Valentine’s Day Sipper

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Simple Valentine’s Day Sipper

Photo by Adam Weiss

There are only a few national holidays that college students don’t use as an excuse to drink, and Valentine’s Day isn’t one of them. Whether you have someone to celebrate with (good for you), or you find yourself alone with a box of candy (it happens), this refreshing sipper is so easy to make…and you can swig from the bottle during the process. Make this sweet, three-ingredient drink for your date, your friends or just for yourself, because let’s be honest … no matter how you’re celebrating, you’re going to need something to wash down all that chocolate.

Total time: 3 minutes

1 cup pink Moscato
¼ cup Sprite
8 drops lemon juice
Lime slices, for garnish


Photo by Adam Weiss

1. Pour pink Moscato into wine glass.
2. Add in the Sprite, and swirl drink around in glass to mix.


Photo by Adam Weiss

3. Add the drops of lemon juice.


Photo by Adam Weiss

4. Taste and adjust ingredients accordingly based on your preference.


Photo by Adam Weiss

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