Silversea Cruise Ship Fails Surprise Health Inspection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the ship a 'less than satisfactory' grade

The ship's practices were discovered after an anonymous employee sent photos to the CDC.

After a surprise inspection from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 17, the luxury Silversea cruise ship Silver Shadow scored "less than satisfactory."

According to CNN, an anonymous crew member tipped off the CDC with photos "showing meat in crew cabin sinks and trays of food in the corridors in the hallways outside those cabins." In the photos, a thermometer is used to show that meat is not being stored at the correct temperature.

The move resulted in a failing grade of 82 for the ship; any grade below 84 is "less than satisfactory," according to the CDC’s grading standards.

Additionally, one of the chef’s pastry chefs reported that "trolleys of food [including salami and unrefrigerated blue cheese] were stored n crew cabins to avoid inspection."

A representative from Sliversea Cruises, Ltd., which owns the Silver Shadow ship, stated that the group was "deeply disappointed," and the company said that is has always had top marks in the past.


To keep food from being reused, CDC inspectors doused it in chlorine. The cruise line was not fined since the CDC does not have the authority to do so.