Silent Eating In Brooklyn

Eat's chef Nicholas Nauman was inspired by Buddhist monasteries
The Bespokeny

Eat, a restaurant in Brooklyn, had its first "silent dining" event on Sunday.

Do you enjoy eating your meals in silence?, If so, head on over to Eat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, because that’s exactly what they’re doing there.

According to The Wall Street Journal, for a fixed price of of $40, participants are eating four course dinners, made with locally grown ingredients and palette cleansers, in silence for a total of ninety minutes.

The chef and event planner of Eat, Nicholas Nauman, was “inspired by silent breakfasts he enjoyed at the monastery in the Indian Buddhist pilgrimage city of Bodh Gaya,” and decided to create this once-a-month dinner

One participant, Christopher Tandy, who moved to New York from San Francisco, explained that “here [in New York] you have to yell at the person you’re out with. What’s nice about that?”

Throughout the dinner there were sneezes, throat clears, and even “mental pep talks in the bathroom,” but no talking. Those who spoke were forced to eat their course outside.

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Nauman congratulated the crowd at the end of the dinner, when everyone was allowed to resume speaking. This unique idea, and most certainly difficult for some, allows people to ask themselves, would you be able to sit through a silent dinner?