A Sidewalk Café for Olives and Other News from New York’s CB5 Meeting

An insider’s guide into New York’s restaurants

Every month, New York's Community Board Five votes on liquor licenses and restaurant applications in the area that encompasses the Union Square area up to Midtown. Here is the latest restaurant and liquor license news:

The Archer Hotel: The hotel seeks a liquor license for their kitchen, two bars, and rooftop lounge. The board recommended the denial of the hotel’s application, unless the hotel follows procedures to minimize the rooftop lounge’s potential disturbance to the community.

The Viceroy Hotel: The board recommended the denial of the new hotel’s liquor license application. They had concerns about the outdoor DJ booth’s and the rooftop lounge’s impact on local residents.

The Milford Plaza Hotel: The Community Board recommended the denial of this hotel’s new liquor license, unless they follow regulations for their rooftop lounge.

Olives New York: The board voted for Todd English’s Union Square restaurant’s proposal to have an unenclosed sidewalk café with ten tables and twenty seats.


Duke’s: The Union Square restaurant/sports bar applied for a sidewalk café with two tables and eight seats. Two nearby residents voiced their concerns about Duke’s proposal. They had issues with the sidewalk litter, second-hand smoke, and late-night rowdy crowds that come from this establishment. “There’s smoking and there’s vomit on the sidewalk probably once a week,” local resident David Newman said. The board, however, approved of Duke’s request. They determined that the residents’ concerns should be directed towards the liquor license committee instead.