Should These Be the Next 5 Cities Where Top Chef Is Filmed?

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If it were up to us, these cities would be the next locations for 'Top Chef'
Facebook/Top Chef
Facebook/Top Chef

Padma will appear in NOLA for season 11 of Top Chef.

In May, Bravo’s Top Chef announced the upcoming eleventh season will be set in New Orleans, and filming in the city promptly followed.

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Locations of past seasons have included San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and most recently San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin for Top Chef: Texas, and Seattle and Juneau, Alaska, for Top Chef: Seattle. All are noteworthy food destinations, and this year’s addition of New Orleans is no different. The city is rich with history and a fusion of cuisines, so it is no surprise it made the Top Chef cut.

But it got us thinking, where has Top Chef not visited? There are options in all regions of the country. Considering unique cuisines, historic and/or intriguing landscapes to serve as a backdrop, and obviously a preexisting culinary presence, here are the five places we hope to see Top Chef to shoot in future seasons.

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Is your hometown one of them? What other cities do you think would be fun and impressive settings for Top Chef?