The Best And Worst Products At Trader Joe's Volume 3

If you love Trader Joe's, really love TJ's, you know the review site, What's Good at Trader Joe's?. Its four-member team has set its sights on reviewing all of the cult grocer's some 4,500 products. Since launching in August 2010, they've reviewed about 225 products. In previous articles, including readers' reviews, The Daily Meal featured reviews of the best products in categories including: beverages, desserts, sauces and soups, international entrées, snacks, vegetarian, breakfast, appetizers, biggest winner versus expectation, and "worst stuff ever." But wait, there's more...

Click here for A Shopping Guide to Trader Joe's Slideshow.

In this review of the grocer's products, the folks at the site are focusing on new categories. While the reviewers are fans of Trader Joe's, they take reviewing seriously — their first review was even negative. They rate products on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best. For any post, two people rate the product, giving their overall impression and up to five points each. Among the new products reviewed by Russ, Sandy, Nathan, and Sonia are: frozen treats, gluten-free products, seafood, and fruit snacks. Among some of the products reviewed in this latest report are: ice cream sandwiches, pancakes, dosa, cod fillets, crab cakes, peach pops, and fruit wraps.

Some of the most adamant lovers of Trader Joe's products may get satisfaction from another category this time round: Spousal Discrepancy. That's right, there's been some disagreement about some of the products reviewed! There are two people scoring any given product that the site reviews — either Russ and Sandy Shelly, or Sonia and Nathan Rodgers. While they're almost always within a point or so of one another's scores, this category lists products that they group just couldn't agree upon.

How did your favorite products rank? Check out the reviews in the slideshow from What's Good At Trader Joe's? Stay tuned for another installment of reviews in December and a year-in-review.