Shopkeeper Fights Off Armed Robber With Lollipops

A German shopkeeper was either very brave or very foolish this week when he found himself being held at gunpoint by a robber: Instead of handing over the money, he started throwing lollipops in self defense. The shopkeeper was also very lucky, because his barrage of lollipops worked. 

According to The Local, the shopkeeper was at work at around 10 on Thursday night when a man came in wearing a mask and carrying a gun. The man demanded all the money in the register, but instead of giving it to him, the shopkeeper reportedly started hurling lollipops at the masked man holding a gun at him. Somehow, the shopkeeper got very lucky and the bewildered criminal ran away from the barrage of lollipops without anyone being injured or killed.

Once outside, however, the robber reportedly took off his mask and the shopkeeper got a good look at his face. The robber and his accomplice turned out to be two 15-year-old boys from the area. Police say that when they investigated the boys' homes, they found the mask and the gun. Both of the boys were arrested for attempted robbery.