Shirtless Stud Makes Stuffed Churros on Camera

Oh an egg? Sorry, we were distracted by your bicep

From the folks who brought us this shirtless man frosting a chocolate cake, Hungry has created yet another sexy how-to cooking video, this time having their model chef make dulce de leche stuffed churros (oh my God)... nude. Or at least, supposedly nude. He's covered wtih an apron.

The recipe? Something about water, flour, baking powder, and two eggs, stired until smooth and glossy. But of course, you can't have a shirtless guy cooking without making a couple of double entendres (and several knowing eyebrow raises).

"With confidence, squeeze your loaded pastry bag over a pot of hot oil. The harder you squeeze, the longer your churro will be," the captions read. So incredibly helpful.

The churros then get sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and stuffed with dulce de leche with another pastry bag ("Don't pump too hard... it helps to have a long tip.") The finish? Hot stud eating stuffed churros. Major props to the actor model for frying while in the buff. Now hand over that plate.