Shellfish Recall in Long Island Sound

Connecticut officials recall shellfish in response to dangerous bacteria

A harmful bacteria has been detected in Long Island Sound shellfish as result of warmer water temperatures.

Yesterday, Connecticut officials announced a recall of shellfish in the Long Island Sound area. The recall includes oysters, mussels, and various kinds of clams harvested in Norwalk and Westport between July 3 and August 2.

Due to the naturally occurring bacterium found in the shellfish, vibrio parahaemolyticus, at least five people have gotten sick. The bacteria manifested due to warm water temperatures, which makes sense for the middle of the summer — yet this is the first time shellfish has been recalled in the area for this particular reason.

Symptoms of infection appear within a day of consumption and include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Medical treatment is not necessary, but those affected should make sure to drink plenty of liquids to replace those lost during illness. 

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So if you live near Long Island Sound, put that order of oysters on the half-shell on hold and order something else for your seafood fix. For what it’s worth, lobster prices are going down.