Shaslik Recipe

Shaslik Recipe

Russian dressing flovors and tenderized this round steak kabob recipe


In shallow non-metallic bowl or plastice bag, marinate meat overnight in enough dressing to cover

Thread alternately meat and vegetables on scewers, interlacing meat over and under vegetables.


1 lb. round steak, 1/4 inch thick, cut into strips

Russian dressing

1 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes

1/2 fresh or canned mushroom caps

2 cups whole can potatoes, drained

1 zucchini, cubed




Place skewers on grill 3 to 4 inches from coals. Cook 10 minutes or until desired doness, brushing frequently with marinade.

4 to 6 Servings

Recipe Shopping Tip

For healthy recipes, choose raw fruits, vegetables, and meats, and unprocessed foods.

Recipe Cooking Tip

For healthy recipes, substitute butter for olive oil, and bake, broil, or grill instead of fry.